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Vendor Guide

Click on the photos to be redirected to vendor of your choice. 

Detail Junkees

Dig's Bodega of Model Car Accessories


Check out some cool photo etch products by Detail Junkees' Dig & some expertly casted resin accessories by Trailer Trash Kustoms by Rusty McBride, both founding members of the Plastic Society.

Trailer Trash Kustomz Resin



Trailer Trash Kustomz Resin is very skilled scratchbuilder and caster who has quickly made a name for himself by mastering a much needed Cummins Diesel engine kit.  He also carries an impressive line of accessories and has some very anticipated resin bodies coming available soon.

B-N-L Resins



Check these guys out for some awesome 4x4 conversion kits, super cool full engine kits & tons of unique parts & accessories.

Fatkidd Hobby Products



Fatkidd Hobby Products is the place to get the finest quality pre-assembled distributors.  Available in a multitude of colors & include boots already on the plug wires.  Fatkidd is also well known for breaking all new ground with a hinging jig.

Lowriding in Scale Magazine


Print is not dead & LISM is here to give you good reason to order up!

Dough's Billet Parts


Dough's Billet Parts offers some incredible craftmanship in billet parts.  Make sure to score a set of their aluminum rings for Pegasus 5.20 tires & check our their line of flake & candy paints.  Awesome stuff.

A&J's Resin & Chrome


A&J's offers some rare castings such as the Lincoln Town Car, 90's Cadillac, Cutlass, Impala wagons, 86-90 Caprice, etc.  AND also recently started offering real chrome & gold plating.  Check him out on Facebook.

Z-Man's Wheelz



Steven Zimmerman is a legendary builder and master of countless custom bodies that went off to be resin casted.  Recently, the Z-Man has made a big hit in the hobby by launching a modern wheel lineup.  Check him out on Facebook as there will definitely be a set or two you can not live without.

VCG Resins



VCG Resins is your go to source for expertly cast engine kits.  VCG carries kit quality  LS-X kits & BBC's with a variety of options, plus pages of accessories.  The aluminum accessories are top notch and very fairly priced.  Make sure to check out the cool diorama stuff too.

Scale Lowrider Magazine



This is a must have for any lowrider model car builder!

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